Faye's Philosophy

The eyes and surrounding tissues form a key area of the face important in non-verbal communication. Since the eyes provide one of our most vital senses, vision, it is important that any procedures in this region are carefully planned. Miss Mellington practises safe, responsible and considered surgery with an attention to detail. 

Miss Mellington aims to provide you with a highly professional, efficient, discrete and personal service. She will see you personally at each consultation and will spend time with you discussing your concerns and expectations. Following a detailed discussion and assessment, she will give you a clear, honest opinion on the potential benefits of any surgical or non-surgical procedure. This may mean that in some cases, she would not recommend any surgery for you. Her key priority is helping you to achieve optimal results without compromising your vision. 


All treatments offered by Miss Mellington are bespoke and specifically tailored to each individual patient, with a view to achieving a natural, enhanced result in keeping with your other features.



"Thank you for your time and effort. You have taught me a lot." HK, doctor

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